After the highly successful event we held last year, YES Ross & Sutherland are delighted to host a further evening of enlightening talk and discussion with our friend and debonair Columnist & Blogger Paul Kavanagh and of course Wee Ginger

Due to high demand we have had to change to a larger venue and therefore the event will be now be held in

Ross County FC Suite, Dingwall on Tuesday 19th September Doors open 7.00pm for 7.30pm – 10.00pm

As demand is very high, this will be a TICKETED EVENT, entry free, but a donation at the door appreciated. Tickets will be required for entry, so please book early

All are welcome to hear Paul’s entertaining, witty, sometimes barbed but always perceptively informative commentary

The company and craic will be great, so come along and enjoy the evening.

Bar & Raffle and other attractions

Tickets available via:  Eventbrite

Inverness we’re coming your way

Inverness we’re coming your way

We are delighted to announce that the YR&S summer of Indy road show will be rolling into Inverness this Saturday. We will be holding a street stall on the High St in conjunction with InverYess2 and CND. We look forward to a busy stall, If you are going to be in Inverness on Saturday look out for us and say Hi. 

Breaking News…Special Announcement!

Breaking News…Special Announcement!

Yes Ross & Sutherland are delighted to announce that the Wee Ginger Dug has accepted our invitation to return to the Highlands.

Full event details will follow but meantime, please keep Tuesday 19th September free as we will be hosting what will be another brilliant evening of chat and craic with Paul Kavanagh and Wee Ginger in Alness.
Watch out for further news shortly.

March for Independence-Spirit of Scotland Rally

March for Independence-Spirit of Scotland Rally

Following on from the success of the last outing, Yes Ross and Sutherland are organising another bus running from Inverness to the March and Rally in Glasgow on 16 September 2017 in support of Independence for Scotland.

All members and friends are encouraged to join us in supporting this event as we would like a maximum turnout from the Highlands.

Tickets are £20 return for adults £10 for under 16s. Further information and Bookings from here.


Dornoch Street Stall

Dornoch Street Stall

We were very pleasantly surprised by the reception we received today in Dornoch, and going on the same weekend as the Agricultural Show proved to be a great move.  

We were lucky with the weather, folk are much happier to stop for a blether it seems when the sun is shining, we had lots of interest and engagement from locals and tourists alike and can count today as a great success.

Dornoch we will be back, Thank You.



A Quick Look Back

A Quick Look Back

The original Yessers : Brenda Steele, Angus Walker, Tom Whyte and the late and much missed Rod MacKenzie

This popped up on my timeline today, apparently it was taken 4 years ago, can’t be that long surely! 

And still we campaign, we’ll be at Dornoch with a Street Stall next Saturday and have already started discussing canvassing areas. Our message is strong as Westminster hobbles along rudderless and people on the streets are not happy. It’s clear to us, only a second Independence referendum with a solid yes result can lead us back to a state of stability and prosperity.





YR&S Summer of Independence

YR&S Summer of Independence

As a group we are very pro-active and are continually moving ideas forward. So, as such and in this spirit we have taken up the challenge offered by Nicola to help move the case for Independence on and grow the wider pro-Indy movement by seriously upping the ante in our  engagement with people.
We have therefore laid plans to set a series of events underway over the summer, starting with a street stall in Alness this Saturday 8/7/17.
This will kick off events every fortnight across the entire Ross & Sutherland area as we will literally be taking to the road, hitting a number of targeted stop off towns & villages on the NC500 route where we will conduct canvassing / street stalls and other activities, still being planned.
To maximise our presence, we will use a newly converted trailer which we plan on turning into our “Indy Mobile” by covering it in our Yes Ross & Sutherland logo | Yes everything | Flags so we make a huge splash out on the road and at each stop off.
For canvassing, we now have our own NEW tool in the shape of the CANVASS APP that Ian Vallely has created & developed, which is really big news for us as it gives us great capability. The app will be published on this site very soon.
So all in all we have the ideas, we have the enthusiasm, we have the activist Yessers what we don’t have at this stage is the full funding we would need to carry out all we would like to do.
For the trailer alone we have costed adhesive banners which at their cheapest will cost £70 each – 2 Required
We also need other equipment and printing done so we effectively need to raise £200 very quickly indeed.
We will hold other fundraisers, however, to raise the funds we need to get started, quickly, we are appealing to your generosity and ask you to consider making an urgent donation of £5 or more (or whatever you feel you would like to contribute)
This can be done via the following methods:
• Electronic Transfer to our Bank*
• Cheque*
*please contact us for details.
Your help with this project is very much appreciated, Thank You.
Graham | Lorraine – Co-Convenors
The triple-jobbing millionaire MSP

The triple-jobbing millionaire MSP

14 Feb 2005 Image © Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body 

Many Thanks to the Glasgow Herald Reporter, Tom Gordon, for describing  on 29th June, 2017 in great detail Donald Cameron’s, List MSP for the Highlands & Islands, assets as “a triple-jobbing millionaire” in view of his promotion to  “chief policy coordinator for 2021 Scottish Election” for ‘Ruth Davidson’s Party’ (title on GE 2017 leaflets).  I also note today, from Andy Wightman, Green MSP Twitter, that he has been named as Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Land Reform.

During the Holyrood Election 2016, Donald Cameron and his two colleagues Edward Mountain & Alexander Burnett conveniently described themselves as ‘farmers’ and obscured their Titles and ownership to inherited lands & estates.
May I encourage Donald to take a short walk from the Holyrood Parliament to the National Museum of Scotland and carefully go around the ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites’ Exhibition’.  Therein, he will read & hear about the loyalty of Clan Cameron of LochEil, of which he is a member, to the Stuart King and to reflect upon the Jacobite calling engraved on the silver Broadswords: “Prosperity to Scotland and NO Union”!
Julie Christie
Constituent in Ross, Skye and Lochaber
Brexit mess has gone far enough

Brexit mess has gone far enough

Two paragraphs in this article particularly caught my attention.

A C Grayling thinks this Brexit mess has gone far enough


Someone needs to take a stand!


The first is this one. It encapsulates something people who understand how the EU works have been saying ad nauseam. It is something the MSM (including the BBC) seem incapable of comprehending.

The one and only thing May has ever said that has any genuine content is, “Brexit is Brexit”. She is right; there is no hard, soft, lite, open, or any other kind of Brexit. Why? Because the idea of a ‘Soft (lite, open, etc) Brexit’ is a nonsense. Access to the benefits of association with EU cannot come without observing EU conditions and requirements across a significant range of issues.

The second paragraph is this. Perceptive and expressed well except for the fact that we do not have a constitution – or at least a written one. I have to admit, however, that I just do not see it happening.

And then we could turn to the serious issue exposed by the debacle we are living through: the urgent need for reform of our constitution and of our electoral system; the urgent need to address the lack of transparency surrounding the way big money and partisan interests hijack our democratic order; the urgent need to punish the tabloids for outright lies and manipulations; the urgent need to hold to account such election behaviour as the implied promise of £350 million a week to the NHS – a lying promise soliciting votes, which should be punishable as any fraud is punishable.